Transient Bag Co.

Before you take the time to read what I have to say about the company, take a look at some of our reviews, to see how Transient Bag Co. products are being received by others!

... Now on to my side of the story.

    Transient Bag Co. formed as a company, in the spring of 2008, with one goal in mind. Producing quality products at fair and affordable prices. All products are constructed 100% in house, using top quality materials. The company goal is to provide you with the highest quality products, while proving that hand made products can be just as good (if not better) as what you would receive from one of the larger faceless companies out there. Transient Bag Co. strives to do all of this while still matching, aesthetics, durability, AND price.  

    Transient Bag Co began as (and remains) a small company, making hip pouches for friends. Over the past four years Transient grew into a company producing and providing a full line of products to customers all over the world. At it's peak, Transient supplied over 40 dealers worldwide. As of late the company has scaled back to 3 dealers and a webstore. Now producing smaller batches of bags in lower quantities, allowing for a wide range of custom products! This company was started solely by myself (Alex), but over the years I have received a LOT of help from friends, and a few employees. From cutting fabric, to production & helping piece together orders. Currently I am back to a one-man show, and working out of my home workshop. SO yes, when I say products are produced "In-House" I mean it!

    This company started small, and from scratch. I chose not to hit ground running with big courier bags, and then throw in some smaller products later as an after thought. Everything Transient produces has been thought through and planned, specifically with you in mind. Transient Bag Co. doesn't outsource, and we never will. Your love of Transient products, and support, keeps this company afloat. NOT budgeting for ads on MySpace. NOT by having someone the products for pennies on the dollar, and turning THEIR hard work, into a way to make a quick buck. Hard work, applied to something that I love, and the appreciation, and support, of and for the cycling community, will allow for than enough to survive. If it can't be constructed in-house, it won't me made. Some people dream of that house with a 4 car garage, and are driven only by words, like “profit margin” and “the bottom line”. That has and will never be an end-goal for this company. This company does not exist to make millions. This company is not here to bury the competition, by taking on investors, in hopes of doing so. This company is here in the hopes of achieving self-sufficiency while doing something that you love, for a community that you love. This company believes that within a small business model, and an ever-growing cycling community, there's plenty of that pie to go around.

    All of this rambling can be applied to multiple independent companies out there. The root of making your decision to buy transient should be based on the quality, and your personal taste and opinion. You like our stuff? Wear it, you won't be disappointed. You don't like our stuff? We guarantee there's another independent company like us out there making something you will. Customers Shopping with us (or even another independent company) can sleep better knowing that your hard earned money, is going to someone that is actually working hard for it.

    Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to read the rant. Feel free to drop us a line, all and any feedback is always appreciated. Take care!

                    -We offer wholesale pricing to bike shops all over the world. While currently scaled back, feel free to message us for consideration, if you would like to become a dealer. 

                    -Transient Bag Co. is an avid Supporters of the cycling community, and willing to help out with events when we can. Keeping in mind the size and output, we can't commit to 20events a monts, but will try our best work with promoters looking for help with an event.

                    -Transient Bags offers a 20% working courier discount. E-mail us for details prior to purchase, if you would like to see if you qualify.